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Harmlessly Eccentric



Harmlessly Eccentric

Hazel Bassett, known as the Cat Lady, adopted a multitude of animals from the local shelters and rescued feral cats in the wild. When her husband Harold passed away the animals became a family of companions.

Every Sunday, Hazel visited the cemetery to give respects to her deceased friends and honored her ancestors. After the ritual she shopped at the grocery store where she purchased large amounts of pet food. Wearing bold jewelry with brightly colored wide brimmed hats and flowered dresses she hobbled around town with the help of a carved wooden cane or what she called her Magic Staff. Muttering, she would carry on lengthy conversations with Harold, her deceased husband. Neighbors curiously observed the old woman and wondered whether or not she was mentally disturbed, a fanatic or just harmlessly eccentric.

New neighbors the Hendersons moved in next door and after hearing rumors about Hazel the mother Susan became curious about Cat Lady. From the kitchen window, Susan observed while the old woman tended the flowers, sang to the birds and spoke gently to her house-pets. Although Hazel seemed kind, friendly and harmless, Susan wanted to be certain that all of the animals had vaccinations and lived in a safe environment so she waited for a chance meet her neighbor. One Sunday afternoon when Hazel returned from shopping she noticed Susan was watching and silently motioned for her to come inside.

She said “Don’t be afraid. I’m just Hazel an old lady with lots of pets. You probably heard rumors about me but I assure you I’m not crazy or wicked in any way. My husband died a couple years ago and has been lonely until I started adopting animals and caring for them. They are my family and keep me company. Please come in for a cup of tea, dear. Oh by the way you have lovely children. When you get settled in, feel free to bring them over for baking time. I make all sorts of treats for my babies and the aromas make them do tricks. It is really funny. I can make chocolate chip cookies for you and the kids can watch while the birds, fisheys, kitties and dogs entertain you. Oh, you DO like pets, right? I noticed that you don’t even have a dog. Are you allergic to pets? I hope not.”

Susan said “Oh we love pets but can’t afford to take care of them. We used to have several cats and my son Bobby was heartbroken when we had to move away and couldn’t keep them. I promised to get another pet but we have spent all of our savings to buy the house. Unfortunately my husband Dave just got laid off from his job. Oh, I shouldn’t have said anything. Sorry. He is very proud and private.”

On the verge of tears Susan changed the subject “Do they really do tricks?”

Hazel said “Yes they do and let me introduce you.” As she led Susan around the living room, into the kitchen, bedrooms and staircase, Hazel talked to each of her “Babies”. She hobbled over to a large aquarium and sprinkled food flakes in the water.

While she sprinkled the flakes gently into the tank she said “These are my angel fish named after some of my favorite gothic characters; Barnabas, Angelique, Quentin, Morticia, Gomez, Lurch, Dracula and Frankenstein. On the bottom of the tank Uncle Fester the eel and sucker fish Lestat clean and protect the others. They tend to fight over food and some of them get rather nasty. Next are the magical kitties; Boogs, Jessee, Snickerdoodle, Benjy, Lady Penelope, Popeye, Olive and Bluto. They each have their talents but are shy around other people. Normally the love birds Romeo and Juliet are flying around but they are resting now. They must be exhausted from all that singing last night. They sang an entire opera and it was very good. By the fireplace is Rufus my lazy basset hound and of course you can always hear my yappy wiener dog Ivan. I hope he doesn’t annoy you too much. Ha, one thing good about being old and hard of hearing is that I can’t hear his constant barking. If I had enough money I would have many more pets but I spend my social security money on pet food and vet bills. Oh well they are worth it. Did you know that cats are considered sacred animals? Some people think that felines have nine lives but actually they have many more… ah I’m babbling again. Please forgive me.”

While looking around the quaint cottage Susan was stunned and amazed as she studied the paintings, drawings and sculptures. In exquisite detail a variety of cats and other animals were artistically rendered on canvas, paper and sculpted in clay. Susan studied the scene and noticed the recurring symbol of eternal life the ankh in the motif in all of the rooms. One of the walls displayed unusual dolls from Africa and shelves held a collection of urns and preserved bones.

She politely asked “Are you from Egypt Hazel? I couldn’t help but notice all of your unique items with ancient hieroglyphics”.

Fidgeting with her ankh pendant Hazel said “No, I’m not from there but ever since I was a little girl Egypt has fascinated me. A long time ago I attended a prestigious college and received my degree in the subject of Ancient Egypt. When Harold Bassett and I met we both were studying the myths concerning cats and other animal deities. Our passion for animals brought us closer and we spent many happy years together. To keep ourselves entertained Harold and I played Jeopardy every day. With our combined knowledge we often talked about being on the show. When he passed away dear Harold was ninety-eight years young and always happy. One day he just didn’t wake up and passed away with a smile on his face. I feel his presence everywhere and sometimes he talks to me and helps during Jeopardy. I can just hear him saying “Don’t bet it all away on Daily Double and don’t forget to say in the question form”. Now I just have a head full of trivia and play games shows with my pets.”

With a melancholy expression and changing the subject Hazel said “The kids will love my babies. They have their shots, the cats are declawed and even though Ivan barks his head off he doesn’t bite because he doesn’t have teeth. Old Rufus would hurt a fly. In fact he is scared to death of insects after he stuck his nose inside a beehive and got attacked and stung all over his face. Poor thing had swollen welts but that’s a story for another time. Please excuse my rambling. I very seldom have a human audience when telling my silly tales. Come back tomorrow. I’m making my special catnip cookies and the cats perform tricks to impress me while baking.  I picked berries this morning and with fresh honey I’ll whip up a batch of strawberry scones. If you come when Jeopardy is on they will show how smart they are. We play along every day and usually get all the answers right but silly Snickerdoodle always forgets to say the question, he just blurts out the answers. Everyone thinks that I should go on the show but if I won I’d probably have a coronary and I have no one to give the money to except my pets.”

Although the visit had been pleasant Susan felt sympathy for Hazel for losing her husband. Recalling some of the stories she left smiling and promised to return for baking time.

Mid-afternoon, time for game shows was the center of Hazel’s world and she was an expert at guessing prices, answering questions and reciting a plethora of trivia. Her cats gathered around the television along with Ivan in her lap and Rufus by the door. Every eye became fixated on the screen when Jeopardy came on. With twitching of tails, vocal sounds and body language the cats selected the categories for Hazel while she attempted to answer all the difficult questions. The trick was to hit the button in time and to remember to say it in the form of a question. Boogs and Jessee jumped on the sofa to be the first to tap their paws on a mock “button”, a light on the table. A knock on the door startled Rufus.

Hazel hobbled to the door as Ivan began his shrill annoying yapping. “Come in, come in. It is Jeopardy Time and scones are in the oven. Would you like some tea or juice?”  Bobby was nervous and scared of the seemingly vicious little dog.

She said “Oh he won’t hurt you. He has no teeth but his barking may hurt your ears. Ivan hush” and she clapped her hands loudly. Suddenly Ivan stopped and went in the corner to sulk. With a huff he stared at the neighbors and ready to defend his household.

Mandy shyly asked “Do your kitties really do magic tricks? What do they do?” Around the room the cats looked at one another as if they were deciding whether or not to reveal their secrets.

Hazel replied “Well dear they are kind of shy around visitors but if you ask them nicely they may warm up to you. Oh I have an idea. If you would be so kind, please go into the kitchen and get the plate of catnip cookies. Then I’m sure they will like you and maybe they will show you how talented and intelligent they are.”

Bobby and Mandy looked at each other with puzzled expressions and reluctantly entered the colorfully decorated kitchen. Both children wondered why the Egyptian symbols were painted around the borders of the walls but afraid to ask. When they returned all eight of the cats began rubbing their heads all over the children’s legs. Several of them balanced on their hind legs and seemed to be dancing while begging for a snack.

Delighted by the cats the children relaxed and gave each of them a treat. Hazel said “We can’t forget the others. There is some fish food for the “Goths” and bird seed for Romeo and Juliet and of course Rufus and Ivan get biscuits.”

During commercial breaks Hazel spoke about the history of cats, known as protectors against diseases and evil spirits. The Cat Goddess Bastet Lady of Flame in mythology was related to the solar deity Ra and sister to the Bird God Horus. She told them about common misconceptions regarding felines and canines and considered them to be highly evolved beings with many more than “nine lives”. She also explained that Bastet was not associated with wickedness, only enlightenment and goodness.

As soon as the show came back on she stopped talking and watched intently with a glazed look in her eyes. Next break she continued with imparting information about herbal remedies and ancient medicine. The children looked bewildered and unable to understand her references to Egyptian Mythology.

When Bobby’s class began to study Ancient Egypt he anxiously visited Hazel every day after school. Her knowledge was astounding and it seemed as though she was speaking from first-hand accounts of the distant past. Stories from Cat Mythology were described in graphic detail as Hazel told of a vicious battle between the Cat Goddess Bastet and Apophis the evil Lord of Snakes.

Bobby absorbed and attempted to retain the information and soon became engrossed in learning more about Bastet the Egyptian Cat Goddess. After research on his computer and learning basic information he decided to write a special report on Cats in Mythology for the eighth-grade class. At school he was known for telling outrageous stories and often was punished when he seemed to be telling lies. With conviction he would swear that the tales were true and enjoyed laughing when someone actually believed him. Clinging to every word of Hazel’s, Bobby wrote down the stories in a notebook. Soon he began to embellish the stories with his own flair. When he told a story about giant snakes that swallowed human beings in one gulp, it disrupted the class and he was suspended for two days.

Overhearing a stern lecture given by Bobby’s father, Hazel felt partially responsible for encouraging the boy. Confined to his room he was staring out the window and watched intently at the weird Cat Lady next door. With nothing to do he continued to observe as the cats followed the woman around the yard and guarded her while she picked strawberries. All of the animals stayed inside while she harvested honey from the hives in the trees. Wearing a bee-keeper suit that resembled an Egyptian costume, Hazel fearlessly extracted the honey combs and removed syrup from the maple trees. After watering in the garden, a large bunch of catnip was gathered for baking the magic cookies. Fascinated by Hazel and with vivid imagination, Bobby created a fantasy world featuring Hazel as a benevolent witch that lived next door and fabricated a variety of far-fetched tales. Each story became more elaborate and inconceivable and as he looked directly into the faces of his family members he would boldly state that Hazel Bassett was a “shape-shifter” and her cats were actually reincarnated humans.

Susan and Dave were troubled about Bobby’s behavior and tried to understand why he kept manufacturing the ridiculous stories about the neighbor. Hazel walked next door and explained. “He is very intelligent and has a wild imagination. I told him a few things about cats but he hasn’t shown me any of his work yet. I would like to ask if you would allow me to hire Bobby to help me around the yard and feed my pets.”

After a lengthy discussion Susan agreed to let Bobby assist in feeding and basic care, as long as it didn’t interfere with school-work or chores at home. In exchange for the help Hazel promised to pay generously.

Hazel checked her watch and said “You will have to excuse me. It is Jeopardy Time.” As customary she and the pets assumed their positions and waited for Final Jeopardy. To Hazel’s surprise and delight the categories were ones she had studied-top subjects were Animal Kingdom, Classic Literature, Flora and Fauna and American History. “Oh good, my favorite subjects. Ok Boogs and Jessee you can play first.” Systematically the button was pushed as Hazel selected the categories.

As instructed by Susan, Bobby went to apologize to Hazel for making up the unflattering stories. Rufus was quiet and Ivan asleep. With the door ajar Bobby peered in to observe, hoping to see the magic tricks or something interesting. With his hand placed on the screen he failed to notice the beehive full of honey on the porch. Nearly kicking one of the jars disturbed a swarm and suddenly bees began to sting all over his face, arms and legs. As he screamed in pain Ivan started barking.

Hazel came to the door and when she noticed the welts forming on Bobby’s face she said “Oh, dear. Come in I have just the thing to help those nasty stings. I used it on Rufus and it made him better.”

From the kitchen she brought out a jar of thick ointment made from herbs, flowers, perfume and essential oils. The wound was covered with a bandage and in a matter of moments the pain and swelling ceased. Bobby smiled while he sat on Harold’s chair and observed Jeopardy Time.

Distracted by the television Hazel called out “I’ll take Classic Literature for two-hundred Alex”

The clue was “smell as sweet” Hazel blurted out “What is a rose by any other word- from Romeo and Juliet?”

At commercial time she said “I know a lot of the subjects, Bobby.” Looking toward the ceiling she said “Harold I told you I should be on the show. I know that I’d win.”

When the show resumed she shouted “I’ll take American History for three-hundred.”

“Go fly a kite”. “Who was Benjamin Franklin?”  “I’ll take Flora and Fauna for six hundred. Clue-“beautiful but deadly”, “What is a nightshade or belladonna? I’ll take Animal Kingdom for nine hundred. “Two by two” “Oh that’s easy “What was Noah’s Ark?”

Final category was Egyptian Deities. “Cat Goddess, Protector Ubasti” During the musical interlude the cats wagged their tails in unison to the familiar tune and with purring human voices at the same time they all replied “Who was Bastet, of course.”

Chuckling and aware that Bobby looked shocked and dumbfounded Hazel said “Boy, I wish I could be on that show! I have sent at least twenty requests to play. I’d get every question correct but they probably wouldn’t allow my kitties to be on TV with me. I’m tired now. I’m going to bed. I’ll see you tomorrow ok?”

Bobby rubbed his ears and replied “Ok. Hey, your cats really DO talk Mrs. Bassett. Nobody will believe me so you don’t have to worry. Your secret is safe with me.”

With an innocent smile Hazel replied “What secret? I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Slightly embarrassed Bobby said “Thanks for helping me. My arm and face feel all better. It’s like magic. I’m sorry I made up a story about you and said you were a witch. I was afraid of you at first.. You are really nice and I love your pets especially the cats.” He winked and turned to leave.

With a grin Hazel replied “They like you too Bobby. There is no reason to be afraid of me. I’m just harmlessly eccentric, not wicked at all.”

He left thinking “That lady sure is weird but I like her stories. Oh, I forgot my notebook.” He peered inside and saw Hazel on the floor, curled up with the cats. Thinking she had collapsed and needed help he burst inside and checked her pulse.

Hazel said “Thanks but I am fine. I was just saying good night to the pets. They need a lot of attention and love, just like people do. Bobby Henderson, I’m going to show you something wonderful but you must promise to keep my secret always. If you do tell people about it, no one will believe you anyway.”

After Bobby swore a binding oath of secrecy, Hazel stood up and placed a finger to her lips and said “Shhhhhh this is a real secret” and stretched out her arms and legs. While Bobby stared in disbelief she reverted to her true form, the sleek onyx-black, yellow-eyed Cat Goddess Bastet. The enormous panther curled up on the sofa with all of the pets around her.

In complete shock, Bobby ran home and immediately told his sister all about the Cat Woman. Mandy laughed at her brother and said “Now that’s the biggest whopper you have ever told. Dude, you are crazy. I’m telling Mom and Dad. You need help”.

The next day Hazel received the long awaited acceptance to appear on Jeopardy. Excitedly she studied as much information as possible in different categories to be prepared. She arranged for Bobby to care for the pets while she traveled to the studio. That night on television Hazel appeared on Jeopardy and won the largest prize ever awarded on the show.

Final Jeopardy category was Ancient Egypt and she was the only contestant to give the correct response to “fought with Apophis the Evil Snake”. In a purring voice she confidently replied “Who was the Cat Goddess Bastet, Lady of the Flame and sister of Horus?”

After winning five-hundred thousand dollars, she eagerly made plans to spend it wisely. After a long and happy life she passed away in her sleep one night with a smile on her face. In her will, the estate was left in the names of all the pets with Bobby named as caregiver of the animals. A small stipend was set aside for each pet and included a generous fee, as promised to the Hendersons.

One day after school Bobby picked up the mail and brought it inside. In an envelope addressed to the Hendersons was a note that read “Take good care of my pets Bobby.”

Along with the note was a valid cashier’s check for five-hundred thousand dollars, the amount won on Jeopardy. As requested by Hazel the Henderson’s cashed the check they paid off all debts and when they inherited Hazel’s house they kept artwork, worth millions, in place for the animals. Only Bobby knew the real secret of the eccentric Cat-Woman next door but he kept silent because he had spun so many wild tales in the past, he knew that no one would believe him.

Lord of Unicorns




Lord of Unicorns


Christmas Eve


At the St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital Cancer Ward, the staff celebrated the Christmas season with a parade of Santa Clauses, Elves and Carolers. The entire staff and volunteers entertained the unfortunate children, spending the holidays confined to their wheelchairs and beds.

 Many of the children were terminally ill with little hope of recovery. One of the most serious cases was a ten-year old boy named Johnny Josephson. During intense treatment, he underwent surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and massive infusions of medicine in hopes of putting his aggressive brain cancer into remission.

The prognosis was grim and although his parents were overwhelmed with grief and hopelessness, they attempted to make Christmas special, because it was uncertain if their only son would survive the next year.

To escape from the pain and ease suffering, Johnny dwelled in a fantasy world of magic. In the center of his forehead was a port to administer chemotherapy drugs and Johnny pretended it was his Unicorn Horn and the bandage around his skull was the crown, worn only by the King of the Fairy Folk. At bedtime, children in the ward that were able to get out of bed gathered to hear Johnny’s creative and fantastic tales.  

After carolers entertained and Santa accepted gift requests, a small group gathered in Johnny’s private room. As a family tradition, his mother began to read the story of the Nativity from the Bible and described events leading to the birth of Jesus.

By the soft twinkling light of the large Christmas tree, the miraculous story was told. All eyes were focused on the tree and one of the little girls noticed there wasn’t an angel or a star on top.

“Where’s the angel, Johnny? Every tree needs an angel or a star.”

Smiling he said “It’s okay little girl. My special tree-topper is a flying unicorn angel with a horn and wings. Right now she is busy delivering gifts and putting magic spells on all sick kids. No worries though, she will land on my tree by morning.”

The children laughed heartily and the little girl said “I never heard THAT before. What about Santa Claus, Reindeer and Baby Jesus?”

Amused, but growing tired, Johnny asked everyone to leave so he could sleep. Alone in the room he noticed the many presents placed under the tree and studied them eagerly anticipating opening them on Christmas morning. Even though he usually looked forward to Christmas, his forehead was in agony at the spot of recent infusion.

 Drowsy from medication he felt desperately alone and frightened that he was going to die soon. As tears streamed down his cheeks, the top of the tree began to glow with pale pink light. A tiny figure of a flying unicorn-angel with open wings appeared and gently floated over to the bed. Bathed in light the figure transformed into a matronly nurse with wing-like flaps attached to her hat.

 Stunned and thinking he was hallucinating he said “I must be dreaming. There are no such things as flying unicorns. I just made that up. Who are you? Are you a real Angel?”

 The night-shift nurse answered “I am Nurse Mary and I’m here to tell you a wonderful story called Lord of Unicorns and it is about a little boy a lot like you that lived in England.”

Twelve-year old Edward, from the House of York, inherited the throne when the king was killed in the War of Roses. The only other heir to the throne was the younger brother Richard and like Edward the boys only wanted to play and ride their horses. Involved with elaborate role playing games, they often rode to the Stonehenge monument to practice their methods of conquest.

Edward played the part of King Arthur of Camelot and Richard portrayed Percival, the loyal Knight of the Round Table in search of the Holy Grail. Instead of preparing for royal responsibilities, they spent all of their time in an imaginary world.

After the bloody War of the Roses, England’s Royal Court was the center of conflict. Although he was groomed to become a King, Edward had no idea how to rule and members of the court disputed the claim to the throne. Rumors indicated Edward and Richard were illegitimate and it caused a great scandal.

To escape the pressures of responsibilities Edward often disguised himself as a peasant and interacted with the local villagers. During one of the excursions away from the palace, he was befriended by an orphaned boy from the village by the name of Poppy.

Poppy was a nickname given by Edward for Poppenfuse James, a kind, generous and happy boy that loved to entertain. Poppy traded wares at the market in order to survive and learned how to juggle, sing, dance and was able to do magic tricks. When Edward paid him to entertain at court Poppy gave the money to his less-fortunate friends to buy food.

Impressed by Poppy’s generosity, Edward adored his friend and begged him to live in the palace but Henry the royal protector considered him a bad influence and refused to let the “Filthy Urchin” near the heirs. The only way Poppy was allowed in the palace or court was posing as a Court Jester, wearing a ridiculous costume with a unicorn mask which made him an object of ridicule and verbal abuse. However the disguise kept his identity a secret and allowed him to move freely and practically unnoticed.

In private, Poppy told wonderful stories to Edward’s delight and recited his tales with excitement and deep emotion, particularly when he recited Lord of Unicorns, a story of devotion, love and faith. In the story a herd of unicorns with pearly white horns, goat-beards and flowing tails and manes dwelled in forest around Stonehenge. The eldest unicorn Galahad was the leader and protected the herd from harm as they hid deep in the woods. His long spiral horn was a coveted prize for the many hunters and with supernatural power it served as a weapon against enemies. 

At that time the forest was filled with all kinds of magical creatures such as faeries, elves, gnomes, dragons and unicorns. A horn of a unicorn was a coveted prize and many hunters tried to capture the elusive beasts but they were shape-shifters and avoided being captured by transforming themselves into other animals and at times, appeared in human form.

 Special Stonehenge Unicorns were considered the Guardians of Kings, sick children and fallen soldiers. In legends, after death, a person pure of heart could choose be reborn as a unicorn if he or she is deemed worthy of the honor.

According to the story, Poppy was on his way from his village to London carrying a small bag of coins to buy goods from the market. Exhausted and hungry he rested on the rocks around a lake with the blue stone pillars of Stonehenge looming in the distance. Twilight fell upon the land and the creatures of the forest ventured out of their hiding places.

 While Poppy was sleeping on a soft mound of moss, he felt a moist long tongue across his cheek and when he opened his eyes he was face-to-face with a magnificent white unicorn with a long curly beard and pink tongue. When it snorted from steaming nostrils, Poppy was startled but amazed at the sight of such a beautiful creature.

In a melodic gentle voice the unicorn spoke “I am Galahad the leader of the sacred Stonehenge Unicorns. Are you friend or foe? Why are you here on the night of the dance?”

Poppy was convinced it was only a dream and replied “A friend sir. I’m lost and do not know where I am.”

A moment later Poppy was surrounded by hundreds of flying faeries and a herd of wild unicorns with all eyes focused on Stonehenge. An orchestra of trumpets, drums and flutes, accompanied a
procession to the ancient monument. Every creature had their own unique voice that added to the symphony of pleasing music. In awe of the spectacle, Poppy followed the procession and witnessed a sacred ceremony called Dance of the Unicorns. The dance was performed in the center of the shrine, illuminated by the full moon.

 Sparkling glitter and rainbows spouted from the unicorn horns and as they pranced on their hind legs, they flicked their tails and moved in a circular procession with two lines. They formed the symbol of their clan, the cross inside of a circle of roses. From Poppy’s point of view, the ceremony was performed for his benefit and at the end of the ritual, Galahad returned. As the first human to ever see the dance, Poppy was bestowed with the title Lord of Unicorns.

In the story Poppy became an immortal soul and when he revealed to Edward that he was actually two-hundred years old, he was enchanted and insisted upon seeing the Stonehenge Unicorns for himself. Sworn to secrecy Poppy refused to take anyone to see the elusive creatures but because Edward was indulged and spoiled, he wouldn’t accept being denied one of his wishes. One night he and his little brother left the palace and were on their way to Stonehenge when they were caught, locked in their rooms and confined to the family quarters.

For the next months they told everyone who would listen about the wonderful stories of Poppy the Jester and Galahad of the Unicorns. Both Richard and Edward believed every word of the stories and they became obsessed with unicorns and magic. Edward insisted that all the royal guards wear the emblem of the unicorn on their tunics and elaborate costumes with horned masks were made for them so they could play in their magical make-believe world. Ink was used to decorate their faces and permanent marks placed on their foreheads to symbolize the royal unicorn.

When Henry watched the young king and prince acting-out the unicorn dance, he thought they were demented or possessed by demons. Afterward Poppy was banished from the palace and the boys were secretly placed in confinement at the Tower of London. Henry denounced Richard and Edward and they were sentenced to spend the rest of their lives in the dreaded prison. In the tower, there was no hope of escape and no one had ever survived the cold damp cells, starvation and brutal punishment.

Poppy felt guilty for influencing Edward and Richard and lurked around the palace disguised as a servant to observe Henry. While spying he overheard a plot to kill the young king and prince. Henry spread lies to the court that the boys were kidnapped and being held for ransom and secretly devised a scheme to get rid of his competition, keep the ransom for himself and to claim the throne. 

That evening, which was Christmas Eve, Poppy followed Henry to the notorious Tower of London where he found Edward and Richard shivering and starving in a dark cell. In shock he returned to court and in the midst of a holiday feast, Poppy begged for the release of his friends but was punished for interrupting. In chains Poppy was thrown into the same cell with the boys and they were left to die.

During the incarceration Poppy played a flute, told stories and sang songs to entertain his friends and as the full moon was rising he began chanting a mysterious verse. Suddenly the light of the moon illuminated the cell and filled it with tiny glowing orbs. Outside on the top of a tall pine tree an angel perched like a bird and listened to the soothing music as the other woodland creatures gathered for the concert.

 One of the guards heard the music and wandered away from his post in hypnotic trance, unlocked the cell and stood there oblivious to the surroundings. With a signal from Poppy, the Unicorn-Angel and the Fairy Folk joined together to cast an enchantment on the three boys that made them invisible. They left the cell unseen and quickly ran toward the woods where a herd of unicorns, led by Galahad, waited to take them to Stonehenge. Later that night when the moon appeared high in the sky, the sacred dance was performed in a circle around the special guests.

From the sky, a glorious illuminated angel appeared wearing a white robe and the divine being blessed the participants of the sacred dance. With a wave of hands and fluttering wings, Richard and Edward were transformed into unicorns.

They gathered together at the Stonehenge Monument every Christmas Eve and performed their sacred dance. Once the ceremony was performed, selected humans traded places with the angels and unicorns and became part of the heavenly dance of the universe. 

As Nurse Mary told the story Johnny’s eyes sparkled with delight. “What happened next?” he asked.

 She smiled and said “No one ever knew what happened to Edward and Richard and they were presumed dead. In their honor, the unicorn was the new royal symbol. Soon another war began and Henry became the new king but he was killed and another member of the royal family took his place.

 Years later, Poppy the first Lord of Unicorns returned to the palace to guard and entertain the next heirs to the throne as the Court Jester.

Anxiously Johnny asked “Did they die? What happened to them? Did they really turn into unicorns? I wish I could be Lord of Unicorns. I would make this cancer go away with my magical horn.”

Nurse Mary answered kindly “Little Edward was very frail and unable to run because he was dying and it was unlikely that he would survive to become king. With hope of using the secret power of Galahad’s horn, Poppy led the boys to the woods.

When the pillars of stone were visible, Poppy played a tune on his flute to signal his arrival. Soon the woods and surrounding grounds trembled as an enormous herd of white unicorns with flowing white manes, beards and glowing spiral horns emerged from the trees. The dance was performed by circling around the monument linked together by horns and tails.

 Sunlight created rainbows that shot out in all directions and made a heavenly vision of light and color. In the center of the circle was an angel with a flowing drape around her shiny face and attached to her back were large feathered wings. Around her head was a crown made of flowers and on her forehead was a small white horn.

Poppy, Edward and Richard approached to request a solution to the problem. The angel placed a hand on Edward’s shoulder and he fell to the ground.

Richard rushed to his side and begged “Please save my brother. Let ME die instead or if we are worthy, let us become unicorns!”

The angel said “Do not fear death dear children. Jesus will protect you.”

She lifted Edward in her arms and flew into the sky. At the same time, Richard magically turned into a baby unicorn and joined the others in the herd.

When the angel returned with Edward, he was completely healed and became the new Lord of Unicorns. Every year at Christmas, a new lord was chosen to lead the dance.

Enchanted and mesmerized by the story, Johnny’s mouth and eyes were wide open. Nurse Mary tucked him in and said “Goodnight sweet child. The miracle of Christmas will soon make you well again.”

 He said “If I ask Jesus to make me a unicorn, will it really happen?”

Nurse Mary winked at him and replied “I do not know but if you talk to the Lord he will hear you. He answers prayers in many ways. You just have to have faith that everything will be alright.”

Johnny finally fell asleep and instead of a head full of sugarplums dancing in his head, he experienced magical visions of unicorns and angels.

In the morning, he woke up when his parents entered the room with a load of presents. His face was rosy and he felt no pain for the first time in months. Each of the presents made him feel loved and gradually he gained strength in his body.

 Under the tree, one more package remained and with anticipation Johnny opened it. A tag read -To Lord of Unicorns, from Nurse Mary.

Inside a delicate wrapping with flowers was an ornament of a unicorn angel to place on top of the tree. Pink light surrounded Johnny’s bed and he smiled at the thoughtful gift.

 He said “I’m going to be well again Mommy and Daddy. Nurse Mary said that because it was Christmas and because I talked to Jesus, he came here and took the cancer away.”

When the doctor came in to examine Johnny after taking X-rays, he was stunned to find that all the cancer was completely gone.

“It’s an absolute miracle! I’m speechless” the doctor cried.

Johnny said “Nurse Mary was a real angel. I knew it.”

The doctor said “Who is Nurse Mary? We don’t have anyone by that name working here.”

Puzzled, but happy to be well, Johnny asked if he could go home for Christmas and he was released an hour later. When he was being wheeled out of the hospital, he noticed a painting of Saint Mary in the lobby.

He looked closer and shouted “Mommy, Daddy that’s her- that’s Nurse Mary!”

The parents shook their heads with dismay and not questioning the miracle, they drove home. Filled with joy and love Johnny had the best Christmas of his life and every year he placed the unicorn angel on top of the tree in honor of Mary, Mother of the Lord Jesus.

 When John grew to be a strong healthy man with a son of his own, he shared the experience and told and retold the story Lord of Unicorns.



Dreamweaver’s Totem



Dreamweaver’s Totem

K.A. Staley 

One of the branches of the Iroquois tribe known as Dreamweavers created magnificent totem poles from the tallest trees as tributes to ancestors. They called the totems Ladders to the Stars. Each rung of the ladder represented part of an Infinite Vision or Circle of Life and believed that climbing the ladder would lead to Heaven. 

Although the tribes primarily lived peacefully, many disputes caused deadly conflicts. Each tribe claimed ownership of the fertile lands around the Great Lakes region. Tribes segregated into smaller tribelets and soon war broke out over entitlement and purity of race. The totem poles that signified heritage and religious beliefs had negative connotations to some of the tribes and they were either cut down or burned. Constant quarreling over totems, interpretations of dreams, prophecies and methods of warfare fueled hatred and intolerance between the tribes.

Foreigners occupied the coastal areas and gradually began to settle in the area in competition with the tribes. In the area of the Great Lakes, a gathering of tribes assembled to establish common goals and called for them to unite against the threat from the colonists. At the end of harvest season in late October the chiefs of all of the clans began with a peace-pipe ceremony and smoked together in brotherhood. When they began to discuss the dire situation, the elders clashed with the warriors and began to kill one another until all had perished. Senseless violence had decimated the once peaceful Dreamweavers. Restless spirits roamed and resided where violent tragedies occurred and remained earthbound. Only a totem pole could release the lost souls and allow them to ascend to the Great Spirit but all of them had been destroyed. Trapped spirits cried out for a new Dreamweaver to build a memorial to the fallen ancestors. 

Ravenna, Ohio

Modern Day 

On Halloween, American History Professor John Longhouse finished grading papers and left on vacation to the small town of Ravenna, Ohio to visit his mother for a special birthday gathering. His twin sister Genesee was on her way from California to meet him in Kent. They planned to meet and ride together to the family home in Black Horse near Ravenna. Lost in thought he was admiring the scenery on the way from Cleveland and remembered learning about the ancient Ohio Valley and his own native tribe of the Iroquois. Along with folklore John was knowledgeable about the Six Nations that once occupied the Great Lakes region. He also had vast knowledge about dwellings, lodges and the totem poles common in tribal cultures, particularly in the Pacific Northwest.

 While driving John felt apprehensive about traveling on All Hallows Eve and his mind wandered to when he was told by his mother Sonya about a terrible battle that occurred on Halloween in 1713 in the area around Ravenna. According to Sonya the incident was documented in an old book called Totem of Dreams. The book contained design plans for building a totem pole along with a variety of images of medicinal plants and described animal-spirit guides. On the cover was circle with a cross in the center that represented the universal God and symbolized the union of tribes. At one time the Dreamweavers kept the circle unbroken by passing knowledge to the next generations.

 Rituals performed around the totem were colorfully illustrated in the pages. The sacred book was handed down through generations and belonged to Sonya Longhouse, a medicine woman and one of the last Dreamweavers. Longhouse ancestry originated in colonial Pennsylvania and New York and most of John’s relatives lived in the area called “Six Nations.”

John was lost in thought he had a vision of the distant past and he envisioned the landscape as it may have been with tribal villages and tall trees and numerous totem poles. As the trip progressed the weather changed quickly and drastically. Thick fog settled along the roads making it difficult to navigate. He concentrated on the dividers and on the road ahead, slowed his truck and carefully turned a tight corner.

 Suddenly a large white shape appeared directly in the path of the oncoming vehicle. He stomped on the brakes and swerved to avoid what appeared to be a white dog.

 Frost on the road caused the truck to slide into ditch and it tumbled down a steep cliff. After rolling down an embankment the truck landed at the bottom of a mist-covered ravine. John’s head slammed into the windshield and before losing consciousness, he saw an angelic figure clad in a robe of a white fur standing in front of him. When he regained consciousness he released himself from the seat belt and crawled out the window. From a short distance away he noticed a dim light and heard music coming from an old cabin. Bleeding profusely from his head wound he followed a trail in the snow toward the light but passed out due to the loss of blood.

A figure cloaked in fur accompanied by a white dog emerged from the woods and pulled John across the snow to the cabin. Slowly he became aware of his surroundings but unable to move with his head throbbing in pain. Pleasant aromas filled his nostrils as a cloth was placed around the wound on his forehead. He opened his eyes and beheld a mysterious woman tending his wounds. She raised a cup to his lips and let him drink the delicious beverage. They were inside a small rustic cabin lit by lanterns and candles. A large white wolf slept by the fireplace and the woman placed heavy blankets over him, gazed into his eyes and smiled. She stoked the fire and then sat beside him and wove a fascinating dream-catcher- a weaving that signifies one’s life and journey to the Great Spirit.

 The strange woman called herself a Dreamweaver of the Iroquois and explained the meaning of each stitch and decoration. As she wove the intricate design she recited a tragic tale of love. Her melodic and soothing voice put John into a hypnotic trance and he closed his eyes, falling into deep slumber. Vibrant and vivid dreams were woven together with the story as if they were part of an intricate tapestry.

In the dream he transformed into a great warrior, dressed in a tunic, breechclout, leggings, moccasins and decorative garb. On his head he wore a fur hood decorated with feathers. His tribe was involved in a dispute between the neighboring tribes of Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga and Mohawk. A young woman approached and as she pointed at his hat she laughed and called him Wakiya-Keeper of the Western Door.”

 She called herself “Shanewis Keeper of the Eastern Door.” They were representing their tribal views at the high council and both were in favor of peace with the Canadian and European settlers. Some of the tribes preferred war and had their own agenda and unique needs. The dispute over the lands near the Erie Lake had continued for decades and tribes found it difficult to find a solution to the problem of the growing immigrant population. The council was due to start in the morning while they anxiously waited for the gathering of the Six Tribes.

 Drawn together Wakiya and Shanewis fell deeply in love although it was forbidden. She was promised to an Iroquois Chief and Wakiya was obligated to serve his tribe and marry a Mohawk woman.  Even though it was forbidden, love between them grew and when they met in secret to share their passion, soon Shanewis became pregnant. Prejudice and hatred between families kept the two apart.

During the night a battle broke out between the Mohawk, Iroquois and the Seneca over water rights. White men were beginning to settle in the area and were changing the river boundaries. The once peaceful village became bloody scene and turned into a violent catastrophe. Tribes split apart and the people migrated away from the eastern door. Wakiya’s tribe journeyed to the west and Shanewis followed her family to the south. After relocating the tribe Wakiya set out to find Shanewis and returned to the tribal woods but all he found was a devastated village. From the woods an arrow was shot into his neck and he fell to the ground.  

With a child on the way Shanewis was made to feel ashamed and was banished from the Dreamweavers. She left her tribe and returned to the village and was shocked to see the bloody battleground. Bodies of the dead were placed at the site of the council and all of the totem poles had been destroyed. When she saw Wakiya on the ground he was still alive but very weak. She removed the arrow, tended the wounds and used herbs, flowers and plants to prepare medicine.

 When Wakiya was completely healed, the two of them traveled together accompanied by a large white wolf called Roan. A private ceremony was performed that joined them in marriage and they began a new life. A cabin was constructed with sturdy logs where they lived in peace.

John woke up as the strange woman shook an instrument resembling a rattle or totem and recited “Let us now make a great white wampum of shell beads strung on deer sinew. Each bead will signify an event and create a design of memory. We shall place it on the ground before the fire-keeper. Beside it we shall lay a large white wing. With it we can wash away any dust or spot. It will be symbolic of the destruction of evil. Let us now plant a symbolic tree of long leaves destined to grow tall and strong. The totem pole it will make will represent unity and strength. When other nations wish to accept the good tidings of peace and power for all people, they shall be seated within the Confederacy Council. Atop a tall tree will proudly sit, an all-seeing eagle will watch and warn of any danger. Let us join hands firmly binding ourselves together in a circle. If the tree should fall upon the circle it cannot be broken.”

While John listened the woman continued to weave and added beads and acorn shells. Her story resumed after she said a prayer. “One snowy day Shanewis and her black horse named Thunder wandered too far from the cabin. During a fierce storm she went into labor, became disoriented and delivered her baby in the snow. From the tallest tree an eagle screeched to warn of danger but by the time Wakiya found her she had frozen to death. The baby survived and Wakiya felt heartbroken by the loss of his beloved wife. He returned his wife’s body to the cabin, wrapped her in a woven blanket, built a shrine in her honor and placed a dream-catcher over her heart. Their son Fire-Keeper was taught to be a brave and to always remember the stories. They lived in the cabin next to the grave for many years. During a severe storm, a large tree fell on the cabin and killed Wakiya while he was asleep. Fire-Keeper traveled to the northwest after his father died. A totem was built to honor Shanewis and Wakiya and their spirits dwelled within the crushed walls of the home. Eventually the totem fell down and covered the graves. The souls were unable to join the Great Spirit until an ancient prophecy was fulfilled that concerned the true nature of the Dreamweavers.”

The mysterious woman finished her tale and John asked “Who are you? Are you an Angel? Am I dead?” She smiled and vanished into the morning mist.

John realized it was a dream when he woke up covered with a dirty blanket inside the trunk of an old oak tree. As the sun rose the melting snow revealed a circular shrine marked with a dream-catcher symbol as described in the dream. Just then he heard the screeching of an eagle and the sound of the nearby highway. Still bleeding he moved toward the sound but he stumbled on a fallen branch. When he fell to the ground he lost consciousness.

 Meanwhile Genesee felt nervous as she boarded the plane to see her mother on her special day, although she was uncertain as to why. Sonya insisted that all of the children come home for an important event but would not explain. The flight was due to land in Cleveland but delayed by the fog. After a late arrival she rented a car and drove toward Akron with traffic slowed by the heavy mist. John was supposed to meet her in Kent near Ravenna but he never arrived at the meeting place. Worried she drove to Ravenna hoping he was there. When he failed to show Sonya and Genesee reported his disappearance to the police.

 As twins John and Genesee usually shared a strong psychic connection but she was unable to sense the location of her brother. They had always been close until Genesee moved away from Ravenna and went to California to embrace her Native American heritage and became a doctor. Using herbal and natural remedies with modern treatments made her capable of what seemed to be powerful magic. Shamanistic rituals gave her amazing visions and enhanced her psychic abilities. John was not a believer in magic or visions and was skeptical about tribal legends. Pragmatic in his beliefs he often quarreled with his sister and mother about the validity of tribal rituals. Sonya insisted that every word concerning the Dreamweavers was absolutely true and she expected her children to carry on the ancient ways after she was gone.

The fog was dangerously thick and the police were unable to start the search until morning. During the night Sonya and Genesee both felt nervous and decided to try an ancient ritual used to find lost loved ones. They prepared the necessary items including a wampum (sacred relic), a dream-catcher made from sinew, shells and white eagle feathers. Genesee performed the ceremony and spread sage around the dream-catcher, chanted a few verses and closed her eyes.

With the spoken words Genesee entered the alternate world of the animal-guides. In the form of an eagle she was surrounded by clouds and felt the wind glide against her body. With her eagle-eyes she searched the skies for her lost brother. The view from above was spectacular as the fog dissipated. She spotted a clearing and she hovered over the snow-dusted ravine. Screeching a loud cry she landed and saw her brother unconscious near a town sign that read- Black Horse, Ohio.

A young woman with long, black hair, dressed in a white feathered robe was walking her dog along the trail next to the highway and heard the eagle cry. The white wolf-dog began barking loudly and chased the bird away. The dog howled when it found John face-down in the snow. The woman helped John to stand and led him to a nearby cabin. There was no phone, car or electricity in the dwelling and the girl did not speak. Just then a lightning bolt hit a giant oak tree and it came crashing through the cabin and pinned John under heavy branches.

 Genesee’s vision located John and she called the police and told them to look in a deep ravine near the Kent-Ravenna Highway. The little Burg of Black Horse was the nearest town and the officers assigned to the case were puzzled as to how Genesee and Sonya located him since there was no sign of him at the crash-site.

The police located John’s car and cell phone and Genesee and Sonya arrived to help with the search. They searched the woods and remote parts of the ravine and found a large fallen tree with a crushed wooden cabin next to a stone shrine. Genesee and Sonja called out for John several times and then heard his faint cries. The fire department arrived and removed the tree from the scene and luckily John was unhurt except for his head injury and was grateful for being rescued. In the hospital Genesee explained her vision and John described his vivid ordeal and he realized that the legends of the spirit world were really were true.

The detectives found human skeletal remains along with horse and canine bones and artifacts in the ground and in the remains were dated from the early 1700’s. There appeared to be the scene of a violent battle nearby. When the tractor pulled the remaining branch away from the ancient cabin, the ground trembled with joyous sounds emanated from the surrounding woods as if it was breathing a sigh of relief. Ghostly figures emerged from the ground and climbed a totem pole that led to the stars. Sonya, Genesse and John joined hands as they watched the spirits of Wakiya and Shanewis reunite. An eagle flew overhead and let loose a fierce cry as if it was thanking them for the release of the restless souls.

Later that night knowing that she was going to die soon Sonya retold her favorite stories to her children and made them promise to remember them. When she opened a dusty old box and handed Genesee an ancient dream-catcher made with white feathers she said “Now my daughter you will be the Godasiya, Medicine Dreamweaver and will be a great healer.”

 In pain Sonya smiled and gave John a tribal robe, a fur hat with “wings” and a Thunderbird talisman and said “My son you are now the Chief of the Dreamweavers. Because of you, all of our ancient ancestors can now rest in peace. You will be a great leader. Always believe in love and keep me in your heart. As predicted long ago, you will build a Dreamweaver’s Totem and climb the Ladder to the Stars.” After saying a prayer Sonya closed her eyes and joined the Great Spirit in the sky.

After the burial service John and Genesee opened a special box that contained a white wing and a rolled cloth, illustrated with the Iroquois symbols of the wolf and eagle. The Longhouse family tree was illustrated in detail and revealed that a great chief called Fire-Keeper was an ancestor and patriarch of the clan. According to the record the name Longhouse was given to all remaining Dreamweavers. Specifically mentioned was John’s Indian name Wakiya the Thunderbird, Bringer of Enlightenment and Genesee’s tribal name, Godisiya the Healer and Interpreter of Dreams.

Later that year John met a beautiful woman named Shannon while doing research on the Council of Six Nations. It was discovered that another gathering ended peacefully after the battle of Black Horse and united the tribes for a brief time. Continuing the research brought them closer and soon they were married. When the ceremony was performed and they signed the license John discovered that Shannon’s tribal name was Shanewis Protector of Man and Guardian of Wolves. John’s wife helped to unearth details about the bloody battle on the eve of the council.

John became a professor at a prestigious university after the historic discovery at Black Horse. Genesee moved back home and turned her mother’s house in Ravenna into a private clinic called Dreamweaver’s Totem, where she helped people interpret their own dreams and visions. Occasionally Sonya’s spirit returned in the form of an eagle and watched over her children.

John and Shannon had a son that they named Roan Longhouse with the tribal name Fire-Keeper. In the spring they joined Genesee in Black Horse and planted a new tree to replace the fallen one. When they returned years later the tree had grown taller than any other in the area. A cleansing ritual was performed and the tall tree with wing-like branches became a monument known as Thunderbird Totem Pole.

At the ceremony to erect the final sculpture they joined hands and said “Atop a tall tree will proudly sit an all-seeing eagle to watch and warn of any danger. Let us join hands firmly binding ourselves together in a circle. If the tree should fall upon the circle, it cannot be broken.”



Just then a ray of sun pierced the mist and illuminated the sky as the eagle-spirit of Sonya appeared above and let out a joyous cry. Released from earthly bonds Shanewis rose to greet Wakiya in Heaven.

from Infinite Vision Book 8

Egyptian Enigma







Egyptian Enigma

Narrated by Imhotep

Scene-Entrance to Heaven 

I was the royal architect of Giza and personally put the final touches on a design of a colossal monument dedicated to the Sun God Ra. It was to be the final resting place of the Pharaoh Djoser and his son Khufu. The first pyramid tomb was built with blocks of stone brought from quarries far away from Egypt.

            Thousands of workers were responsible for carrying the heavy blocks and placing them in accordance with my specifications. Another structure under construction, the Sphinx, was a gigantic stone crouching lion with the head of a pharaoh. The Sphinx’s purpose was an enigma known only to the Gods. There were a few details left and I struggled with formulas and mathematical equations. Unable to calculate the total volume of the structure I was uncertain how many blocks of stone were needed to complete it. A vision during one of my dreams inspired plans to begin building the Sphinx. Through the dream I had a visitation from beings of light called Pleiadians that imparted ancient knowledge and explained the reason for their visit to Earth.

After the profound vision I believed that I was channeling the wishes of Ra and the Egyptian Gods, Osiris and Isis. My visions began to occur randomly during waking hours and I felt as if my mind had become a vessel being filled with knowledge and divine wisdom.

One evening I was restless and unable to sleep with shapes, number and calculations keeping my mind racing. To relax and clear my mind I rode my horse to the edge of the Nile River. While I sat on the shore and meditated the horse wandered away from view..

Using a stick to draw designs in the sand I calculating angles and ratios of the structure designed to compensate for the annual flooding of the Nile Delta. Underground chambers were meant to absorb the flooding waters and harness it for growing crops. Above all it was essential to protect the contents of the Great Pyramids and Sphinx from destructive acts of nature. As a deeply spiritual person I believed the pyramids served as portals to Heaven and believed when a body was placed in the King’s Chamber in the center of the pyramid, the soul travels through the portal and joins the collective consciousness or Cosmos. I had a theory that the origin of the Gods was a bright star called Orion and according to my calculations it was the point of alignment for the Pyramids and the focal point for the Sphinx. Although my mind full of images and thoughts I was unable to solve the last equation. As my mind wandered my eyes caught a glimpse of a brilliant light from above.

A few moments later millions of tiny orbs illuminated by the moon filled the night sky. A few of orbs broke away from the cluster and while I stared in awe the orbs merged together becoming a large blue sphere. It enveloped by body, lifted me off the ground and carried me into the sky. When we ascended high above Egypt my head was filled with knowledge of mathematics and physics. Overjoyed to receive “Star Knowledge” I envisioned the completed pyramid structures in perfect alignment with Orion and the points of convergence formed four triangles and a square base. A star chart appeared in my mind and I received the coordinates for a location of the planet Pleiades in the Orion Star Cluster. One thing I was told was that the structures would need to be aligned correctly in order for the “Harmonic Convergence” to occur.

Messages from the light beings answered many of my questions and instructed me to complete the projects and informed me that the end result of the alignment would be revealed at a later time. A solid gold capstone was to be placed on top of all the pyramids and at the foot of the Sphinx and would serve as a receptacle and portal to travel through space. 

After the enlightening visitation I began designing the capstones to the specifications and told the people that the building of the portals was the “Will of the Gods”. Gold from all over Egypt was gathered to melt-down and cast the capstones, requiring twenty tons of ore to complete the project. The citizens devoted to the Gods eagerly donated their jewelry, coins and gold objects to me on behalf of the temple and items were stored in a guarded underground chamber.

After the death of King Khufu Egypt was in turmoil as armies of invaders swarmed the land of the pharaohs and attempted to plunder the great wealth. News of the capstone project reached the kingdom of the Hittites, Greeks, Assyrians and Romans and it lured many thieves to Giza.

One part of the puzzle was missing and I was baffled. Although I was able to calculate the dimensions for the capstones, the formula for alignment to Orion eluded me. Pacing back and forth, lost in thought I suddenly had an idea and sketched a diagram of a pyramid with beams of light radiating from the top and drew orbs circling the beams. As if my hand was guided by another source I drew a cartouche of Isis and Osiris kneeling in honor of Ra, colored in bright primary colors. The drawing was only an impression of the vision and something essential was still missing.

On the day the first capstone was complete it was placed at the top of the largest pyramid. A crowd gathered in celebration of the magnificent structure. As predicted, when morning sun rose in the sky and when the beams of light hit the top of the pyramid, prisms from the capstone gold shot out in all directions. At dusk the celebration was at its’ peak with joyous laughter and music resonating throughout the area. 

While watching the jubilee, lost in thought, the sounds and voices from the celebration filled my ears and soothed my troubled mind. Hypnotic music brought forth a brilliant idea. When all of the thoughts connected I shouted out “That’s it! -sounds, music, laughter! It is sound that will activate the capstones!”

Engrossed in my work I mumbled “Yes, harmony resonating through the stones of the pyramids could be aimed at Orion but how do I focus sound and send through the capstone portal?”

 Exhausted I fell into a deep sleep and Goddess of Dreams, Isis appeared in the form of a light being. She expressed gratitude for finishing the first capstone and told me that three more capstones, amplifiers of sound, were needed to complete the link. The angles had to be precise, each of the capstones in correct alignment and a circle of people joining hands were to surround each of the pyramids. A chant with a certain series of musical notes would activate the portal and allow the Pleiadians to travel to Earth in a matter of moments. The light orbs would arrive and merge with selected human counterparts and impart knowledge to them. .

I continued to dream of Isis and the capstone alignment and suddenly woke up with a new theory. A miniature replica of the capstone was set on a table and I experimented with various tones using my voice to duplicate the sounds from the dreams. Four simultaneous notes repeated in a sequence triggered a reaction in the replica. While studying the results I recorded all the information in a journal and finished the calculations. When the information was gathered and recorded, I went to the King’s Chamber to test the theory.

While I was occupied and lost in thought Giza Plateau was invaded from all sides by enemy soldiers and thieves. During the night the soldiers slaughtered many of the Egyptians and took only a few prisoners. Alerted by the screams, sounds of battle and of clashing weapons I hid in a secret chamber and watched through an opening in the stones.

The leader Marcelus relentlessly interrogated the prisoners about the treasure vault but no one knew the location. When the prisoners remained silent Marcelus became enraged and threatened to kill them all if they did not cooperate. Afraid for their lives one of the prisoners Zara claimed to know her way around the palace because she once served as a Priestess in the Temple of Isis. She offered to guide them to the palace if they would spare their lives. Motivated by greed and lust for gold, Roman Centurion Marcelus agreed.

Zara’s two brothers had worked on building the Sphinx and were familiar with the underground tunnels and chambers and knew that the structure was unfinished and remained unprotected. One of the passageways led directly to the King’s Chamber of the Pyramid and another led to the palace. Marcelus and several of his men disguised themselves as Egyptians and followed Zara and her brothers in to the tunnels.

Marcelus was extremely superstitious and believed in the Roman Gods and righteously fought in battle in the name of Jupiter, Lord of the Gods. He was loyal to Mars, God of War and worshipped the Goddess Venus, counterpart of Isis. The crest on his armor signified Orion the Hunter and had a pattern of four stars from the constellation Orion’s Belt. Zara led the group to the base of the temple but hesitated because she believed the Sphinx was cursed and riddled with traps. Refusing to continue Zara angered the soldiers and she was taken hostage until the gold was found and would be executed regardless of the outcome. Marcelus also ordered the execution of her brothers and they were forced to lead the intruders to the inner-chambers of the palace.

While they marched toward the gold furnace, I returned to the King’s Chamber to contemplate the dire situation. From the chamber inside off the pyramid, four brilliant stars from Orion’s Belt could be seen through a small opening in the capstone. I studied the stars and visualized a series of lines connecting the stars to the tip of the pyramid. It occurred to me that his drawing resembled the image from the dreams and I had a profound revelation. The images were opposite of one another, as if one was from an earthly point of view and the other was from another origin with the point of convergence coinciding with each of the capstones.

Excitedly I tested the theory on the replica through a series of guttural deep sounds and it began to vibrate with a harmonic sound. From the top of the replica a beam of light burst into the chamber and shot out of the real capstone. Outside, clouds turned deep magenta and a cluster of stars rotated and formed a pyramid shape in the night sky. Another beam of light from the star formation pierced the clouds releasing the glowing orbs. They descended and filled the King’s Chamber while I stood awestruck and frozen in place. A shimmering being of pure light appeared in front of me with the resemblance to the image of Isis. Other beings appeared as Osiris, Ra, Venus and Orion.

Each of the beings spoke in musical tones and imparted ancient wisdom and my head became filled with great knowledge. Many of my questions were answered but there were many more to ask. After communicating with the Pleiadians, I discovered that they were peaceful creatures from a dying planet. War had destroyed their civilizations and once had human form. After a time of enlightenment, they evolved into beings of energy and shed their physical form.

With great power came great responsibilities and some of the beings abused the power for their own gain. Some of them believed they were supreme beings and had come to Earth to dominate weaker beings. Only a few of them survived a devastating war. The few remaining Pleiadians had learned from their mistakes and joined together in love to bring about peace but it was too late. The planet’s sun was burning away and according to their history and designs illustrated in pyramid structures, a planet in another solar system would sustain them. They had traveled to Earth to bond with the inhabitants and had been searching for a compatible mind to communicate with and said that I was the ideal receptacle. With my knowledge of the pyramids it would make it possible to bring the survivors from Orion, to Earth. 

Engrossed in the vision and joining of minds I was startled when I heard Marcelus and the group as they quickly moved through the tunnels toward the inner chamber below the palace. Marcelus demanded “Tell us which path to follow!”

Pointing to the symbol of Anubis the eldest brother Chefren said “This way, we are almost there.” He led them to a tunnel under the Sphinx and pointed to a heavy wooden door. “Here is where we kept our supplies for cutting the large blocks of stone. One night I saw Lord Imhotep carrying a large box but he did not see me. He entered through this door and I believe it leads to the temple treasury. I was told there are many traps and it is guarded by fierce man-eating beasts, such a gigantic Seven-Headed Snake.

Marcelus scoffed “Hah, nonsense, move aside. Our Roman swords and armor will protect us. Come, soldiers of Mars, we are close to victory.”

At the end of the tunnel the stagnant air smelled of decay. Bones of humans and animals were scattered on the ground. One of the soldiers held a torch and his hand was shaking as they entered the musty corridor. Chefren, the primary builder of the second step-pyramid and Menkara, supervisor of the building of the third pyramid, had knowledge of certain traps built within the inner chambers. It was their sacred duty to the Gods to protect the secrets of the pyramids and they had no intention of letting Marcelus and his men find any of the gold meant for the capstones.

In the foundation of the Sphinx the gold was concealed in a remote area next to the funerary fires. Large furnaces powered by the sun were used to melt the donated objects into cubes or cubits. Small cubes were forged together to build the capstones, pieced together on top of the structure and fused together with a method called Harmonic Resonance. The cubes melted together with extreme heat generated by vibration and friction. Several traps were set around the foundry and no one had lived long enough to find the gold. Chefren and Menkara built a clever trap to protect their tools at the end of the musty corridor. They smiled at each other when they arrived at the end of the tunnel. Impatiently Marcelus grabbed the torch and walked ahead of the rest. His two guards followed closely keeping their eyes on the hostages. At the end of the path they reached a dead end and the brothers moved away and ran as fast as they could. Marcelus was furious and when he stomped his foot the ground collapsed underneath him and he and his men fell into the furnace crucible and perished.

When the light beings completed their task and the alignment correct they emerged from the cluster as glistening orbs and merged with human counterparts. With peaceful intent Isis reached out to me and conveyed gratitude.

People in the city were in shock and ran away in fear. Soldiers began to kill the Egyptians and left a sea of carnage behind. In absolute horror of the violence the Pleiadians evacuated their hosts and fled into the sky. Without the capstones they could not travel through space. Eventually the light beings’ energy entered the stones of the pyramid along with my earthly essence. Our spirits merged with the massive blocks of stone. 

Giza, Egypt

Present Day 

American tourists, brother and sister, Saed and Zara Menkara were visiting the Great Pyramids. With a degree in Archaeology, Saed had waited his entire life to visit the Pyramid at Giza and see the inside of the King’s Chamber. He had read everything he could about Ancient Egypt and was compelled by an ancestral memory from a past life. Zara also experienced ancestral dreams and believed she had lived in Egypt long ago. Secretly she worshipped Isis and was obsessed with information about Pleiadians, allegedly from the constellation Taurus in the Orion Star System.

They both had spent many hours attempting to gain knowledge of the aliens and according to research, it was predicted that they would return in the near future and help bring peace to the volatile Earth. Both of them had an affinity for anything involving supernatural or metaphysical phenomena and also believed in reincarnation and ascension of the spirit. Expecting a great adventure they knew that the trip was going to be the high point of their lives.

 When they arrived at the base of the enormous pyramid, both of them were speechless and awestruck. It was larger than they could have imagined and it looked entirely different up-close. Riding on camelback, Tour Guide Chefren explained the rules and guidelines for exploring the pyramid.

 “This monument is a sacred place and you must respect our customs or you will be severely punished. No one is allowed to climb to the top. Notice the markers and boundaries on your maps and do not stray from the designated areas. Only two people at a time may enter the King’s Chamber and you must leave within fifteen minutes. Do not dig or mark anything and please do not photograph anything except in the roped off areas. Carry flashlights at all times and never go anywhere alone.”

Chefren continued to recite highlights of history and told the story of the Golden Capstones. “History is unclear and many of the legends had changed over the centuries but it was widely believed that the capstones were stolen during one of the many wars in the wealthy kingdom. No one knows the true fate of Imhotep, Architect of the Pyramids and history portrays him as one of the Gods. Some of the tomb designs inside the pyramid depicted the capstones in place on the pyramid and rays of light radiated into a starry sky. The alignment to Orion’s Belt was obvious through the window inside the burial chambers.”

Chefren also said that there was a legend of another vault of gold, hidden somewhere inside the Sphinx but it was only a myth. The purpose of the capstones was uncertain and the Sphinx was still an Egyptian enigma. Saed and Zara were both determined to solve the enigma and went separate ways.

Zara went on a bus to the Sphinx for the 2012 Pleiadian Festival with thousands of people assembled to honor the extraterrestrials and waited in anticipation of their return. Zara was convinced that Pleiadians were ancestors of humans on Earth and research led her to believe the aliens had visited Ancient Egypt and influenced the building of the Pyramids and Sphinx. She believed the beings were highly advanced, capable of space travel and they were on Earth to stop war and bring about World Peace. War continued to dominate the globe centered in the Holy Lands and in Zara’s opinion peaceful intervention from enlightened beings was needed more than ever.

 Saed had difficulty following rules and entered the King’s Chamber alone and although areas were roped off to keep tourists from exploring on their own he ignored Chefren’s warning. Inside a small antechamber he gazed above and peered through the Window to the Afterlife. Saed was so excited when he spotted Orion that he tripped and hit his head when he fell on the stone floor. When he opened his eyes the chamber was illuminated by thousands of luminous orbs and when he reached out to touch one of them it absorbed into his hand. A vision of beauty was displayed before his eyes and he experienced joy, blissful peace and channeled knowledge from the stones around him.

When Saed touched the orb my spirit was released from the stone and entered the chamber. As I spoke to him he trembled in my presence. Ancient knowledge was imparted to him and he learned the secret of Harmonic Resonance-the key was the sound of multiple voices focused through the pyramids.

Zara followed the tour but was distracted by a vendor selling jewelry and she couldn’t resist trying on the exquisite pieces and purchased a necklace with the symbol of Isis. The afternoon sun fiercely scorched Zara’s delicate skin and she stopped to rest in a shady area by the entrance to the Sphinx. Only a small area was accessible and tourists were not allowed to photograph or enter any of the closed areas. With a strong urge to explore she entered and tried to catch up with the tour. Disoriented she wandered down the wrong tunnel and hit a dead end. Flashlight in hand she examined the sides of the tunnel and studied the intricate designs carved in the walls.

Designs illustrated four pyramids with capstones in alignment with four stars. Isis and Osiris had their heads pointed to the sky and a swirling mass of orbs encircled them. The image was exactly as Zara envisioned in one of her prophetic dreams. When she felt the smooth wall and touched the center capstone the Isis pendant around her neck began to glow. It vibrated emitting a soft tone and heat radiated from center. Quickly she removed it from her neck and held it in front of the cartouche on the wall for comparison. When the pendant flew out of her hand and attached itself to the wall design, a panel in the wall opened.

As the orbs were released into the chamber they made the sound of a heavenly choir. A vision of Isis appeared to Zara and with musical notes imparted a message of pure joy.

Zara thought she was hallucinating as her entire being felt elated and in a state of absolute bliss. Excited she turned and headed back to the celebration but her foot caught on a rope which had obviously fallen and was a restricted area, off-limits to tourists.

After the intense vision Zara felt disoriented. Lost in the underground of the Sphinx she wandered for what seemed like hours unable to find a way out. One passageway led to an intersection of three corridors marked with symbols and instinctually she followed the path with a symbol indicating Osiris and Isis. It led to a musty chamber where light was shining through and with a flashlight she inspected an opening with a giant crucible for melting gold. Next to the foundry were three golden statues of Roman soldiers and when the light hit the breastplate of one of the soldiers the chamber shook violently. Panic-stricken she thought she was going to be trapped inside and noticed a door to another corridor. Following the passageway she arrived at the King’s Chamber of the pyramid and found her brother on the ground, unconscious.

After Zara carried him outside of the chamber, Saed was rushed to the nearest hospital with a head injury and had slipped into a deep coma. While unconscious his spirit entered the world of Osiris, God of the Underworld and Isis, Goddess of Dreams and received some of the ancient wisdom.

 Through Saed’s dreams I relived the last day before the capstones were destroyed. Chefren and Menkara had just escaped from Marcelus and burst into my private chamber.

Chefren announced “My Lord Imhotep we are under attack. The hordes are moving toward the city as we speak. Hurry, we must leave Giza immediately!”

I said “No, I must stay and protect the capstone gold. Go and release the seven-headed snake into the tunnels and post guards at every entrance to the foundation of the Sphinx. When the building of the Sphinx began I put some of the gold inside the walls and covered it with mortar. The main vault is inside one of the pyramids but no one will ever find it. Isis told me that the capstone will be activated sometime in the distant future. We must obey the Gods!”

The army destroyed the foundation of the Sphinx, moved toward the pyramids, made their way to the palace and murdered everyone at the Temple of Ra. To protect the temple I gathered a few items and retreated into the King’s Chamber. In the sky the light beings appeared and floated down to the pyramids and entered through the window. I listened carefully as they tried to explain how to activate the portal. Distracted by the image of Isis, I did not notice that someone was watching from the shadows.

Meanwhile a tomb robber Ahmed discovered the tunnel leading to the pyramid. When he witnessed me communicating with the Isis being he was overwhelmed with fear. Ahmed drew a sword and stabbed me through the heart. He ran away screaming when he realized that he had killed Lord Imhotep- believed to be a God. On the way out as planned, Ahmed was devoured by the seven-headed snake.

When Saed came out of the coma Zara entered the room and they embraced. Remembering every detail he told his sister about his profound dream and she told him about her discovery in the Sphinx. When they were released they immediately returned to the festival.

 Zara led her brother into the restricted area of the Sphinx and no one noticed as they slipped past the crowd. They followed the symbols to the crucible and through the tunnel to the King’s Chamber of the largest pyramid. When they passed an illustrated panel Saed had a vision of when I hid my journal. As before Zara touched the figure of Isis and a vault opened. They found a leather-bound journal filled with mathematical formulas and detailed drawings carefully preserved by time. A gold replica of a pyramid with a capstone released several bright blue orbs and they emerged from the vault.

 After being trapped within the stones for thousands of years the orbs shot out of the top of the pyramid and circled around the scene. Thousands of onlookers watched in amazement as the beings presented a symphony of sound, color and light. The celestial music reached the minds of people attending the festival. Joined together in a human chain they circled the Great Pyramid. A song made a perfect harmonic resonance and vibrated the top of the largest pyramid.

A golden capstone emerged as the vortex opened and released millions of orbs. At that moment Saed and Zara knew in their hearts that the beings belonged on Earth to bring about World Peace and they had fulfilled their ancestral destinies. Soon after the arrival of the serene and enlightened Pleiadians, people on Earth began to change and evolve spiritually.

Although the light beings taught that we are all connected in peace by God and bonded together by the harmonic resonance of love and music, war erupted once again. With ignorance and in fear of the powerful visitors, the militaries around the world targeted the glorious Great Pyramids and opened fire. The enigmatic pyramids and Sphinx were destroyed, along with all of the Pleiadians.

Gatekeeper complimented Imhotep for the presentation. A few negative comments were made by the next in line that criticized the story and called it “Idealistic, contrived garbage- you would have to be an idiot to believe in Pleiadians, Harmonic Resonance and all of that love bilge! Bah- Love, who needs it?”

Before entering the gate Imhotep glared at the line, caught the gaze of the next speaker and said “It is sad that you cannot comprehend the glorious nature of the universe. It starts with love and a peaceful idea and someone needs to make the effort to change things. Maybe then World Peace will come. For now, I am weary of the fighting and ready for eternal peace in Heaven.


Stonehenge Solstice



Stonehenge Solstice

K.A. Staley

Psychic Meredith Stone owned a small cottage where she read tarot cards, sold books and trinkets with a gallery that featured surrealistic artworks. It was near Maryhill, Washington, high upon a hill overlooking the Columbia River Gorge with a spectacular view of Mount Hood. A replica of the Stonehenge monument in England, constructed nearby, was visible from Meredith’s cottage.

 During the cold snowy winters she did all her selling and readings over the internet most of her clients had faith in her skills. Meredith was extremely eccentric and lost in a fantasy world but her predictions were very accurate and many believed she had a genuine gift of prophecy.

One year at Winter Solstice she spent her savings on a trip to England to see the place of her family’s origin. One of her fondest wishes was to participate in an ancient Druid ceremony called Dance of the Giants. The event brought thousands of participants to Stonehenge monument and she anxiously studied related information.

 All of the legends concerning Stonehenge fascinated Meredith and many night were spent dreaming about the wizard Merlin, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Her vivid dreams were filled with romance, magic and adventure and in daydreams she imagined being Merlin’s apprentice the enchantress Morgan LeFay, part of the Tuatha de Danaan or Fairy Folk of Avalon.

To prepare for the trip, she read and studied literature including; Once and Future King, Sword and the Stone legends and all stories she could find concerning Stonehenge. Her favorite tale was Geoffrey Monmouth’s version of how standing stones were brought from Mt. Killaraus in Ireland to England by “Giants” and installed the blue dolerite pillars in a circle formation on the Salisbury Plain.

While researching the various legends she learned that the term Merlin referred to all sorcerers, magicians, healers and psychics. She knew that her dreams were more like visions from the distant past and believed ancestral spirits were calling to her. After the hours of research she learned the names of all shrines and dimensions of the standing stones and had a theory about the purpose of the heel stone at the entrance to the monument.

Although historic evidence indicates Stonehenge is much older than the legendary days of Arthur and Merlin, it remains uncertain as to how and when the structure was
erected. Various stages of the public gathering place and the original fortress were believed to have been built from large wooden poles and served as a winter sanctuary for the many travelers. Over the years, stone pillars replaced and fortified the structure but the pillars settled in the unstable ground and eventually fell down. To repair the damage, lintel stones constructed by tongue and groove method held the trilithons (cross-stones) in place. A complete circle of tall pillars fortified with rock was formed and the structure was nearly complete when it was invaded by an army of Saxons. Many were killed during the brutal battle and the circle of stone pillars became a burial ground of Soldiers and Kings.

 Only a few ceremonies were performed at the sacred site by the ancient order of the Druids. Sunset on the eve of Winter Solstice and also Summer Solstice sunrise, the monument functioned as a celestial calendar and served as a sundial clock. To this day, it remained a mystery as to how the massive stones were transported to England and how the people of the Bronze Age were able to place the heavy cross stones on top of the tall, blue dolerite pillars. The accurate measurements from the sundial and alignment to the stars were also puzzling.

The night before her flight from Portland to London, Meredith had a vision from the distant past. Through the eyes of another person she witnessed a gathering of Druids involved in solstice ritual. She mindlessly followed the leader of the ritual and watched as he revealed a hidden opening that led to an underground chamber. A strange man approached and took her hand and led her to a crystalline cave. Just as the man was going to speak, she woke up the dream faded away.

Early in the morning Meredith drove to the airport and eagerly headed toward what she felt was her destiny. Decidedly she had no reason to stay in Maryhill after the locals ridiculed her belief in the occult and existence of supernatural forces. Anxious for an adventure Meredith believed with all her heart that she would find a purpose for her psychic powers and ancestral dreams. She slept most of the way and had a vivid dream about meeting Merlin in person.

In the elaborate dream, she envisioned being a Druid Priestess in the medieval days. Merlin invited her to participate in a special ceremony at the altar of Stonehenge. Scenes from the book Mists of Avalon intermingled with other stories. In the story of Morgan LeFay and the Priestesses of Avalon, a sacred ceremony was performed at Winter Solstice and the dream revealed the entrance to Merlin’s lair beneath the leaning heel stone.

A procession of masked figures carrying torches approached the Sarsen Circle and a ritual was performed to heal, cleanse and purify the participants. Sacred rituals freed them from illness, released negative energy and were intended as a peaceful transition into Winter Solstice. Originally the ceremony prepared the tribe spiritually for the months ahead. The dream continued until Meredith was abruptly awakened by a bumpy landing.

At London’s Heathrow Airport it was early morning and the scene was foggy and damp. Mid-morning the fog lifted and Meredith boarded a bus bound for Stonehenge. Lower areas were still covered with dense mist making the journey slow. It was late afternoon by the time they reached the monument. A large crowd gathered with people anxious to be at the Dance of the Giants at sunset. They came to witness the reenactment of a Druid ceremony that had been performed for over 5,000 years and was a tribute to the builders of Stonehenge.

The bus driver explained basic facts and history along the way and also told a few wild tales about Arthur and Merlin to Meredith’s delight and she listened intently to every word.

The traditional gathering was wonderful, attended by a wide variety of characters dressed in elaborate costumes with masks covering most of the faces. Someone handed masks out to the tour group and welcomed them to the celebration. Music and song filled the air and Meredith had the feeling of belonging. At sunset a bright beam of light pierced the misty air and illuminated the area.

Dancers performed and barrels of mead were distributed to the crowd. Wearing period costumes with masks, they marched together in the Giant’s Dance as the celebration lasted into the night. After enjoying a goblet of mead, the full moon rose high overhead and Meredith, exhausted and slightly intoxicated, sat down near the heel stone to rest and fell into a deep slumber. Grounds were closed and the tour bus left without her. Light snow dusted the plains and it quickly dropped in temperature and when she woke up she was disoriented and shivering cold.

Sitting on the ground Meredith was surprised to see a hooded masked figure approach the heel stone. The stranger used a mechanism as a handle, triggered a secret passage and disappeared from view. Curiously she followed the figure down a steep stone staircase to an underground grotto. As she descended the steps the opening slammed shut behind her. Meredith felt nervous and proceeded to a chamber with giant luminous crystalline stalactites and stalagmites. Crystals and other colorful gems illuminated an enormous cavern with an Egyptian style shrine, a podium and what appeared to be an astrological device.

Meredith stayed in the shadows and watched the stranger with a handsome face with grayish long hair pulled in to a braid and appeared to be around sixty years old. His eyes were deep-set pools of sea blue with a sad expression on his face.

 He said “You can show yourself. I know you are there. Come out of the shadows. I will do no harm.”

Meredith slowly approached the shrine and asked “Who are you? Are you one of the Druids here for solstice? How did you find this place?

In a soft voice he said “I will answer all your questions later. Come and have supper with me. It is safe to remove your mask, young woman. The ritual is over.”

When she removed the mask, the man looked surprised and happy. “Morgan, is it really you? After all this time you finally returned to your home. Sit with me and tell me everything you can remember about our last meeting.” He served a loaf of bread and a goblet filled with wine and sat down at a round table with twelve chairs. Each chair bore the symbol of the Red Dragon and the House of Pendragon. At the head of the table a ceramic goblet and a crusader cross signified the Holy Grail, a powerful icon of virtue.

Noticing the bewildered expression on Meredith’s face, the man said “Yes, this is the actual round table used by King Arthur and his knights many, many years ago.”

Meredith was stunned but knew her destiny was about to unfold. She said “What is your name and where are you from? Your face looks vaguely familiar. Have we met before?”

  He replied “All in time my dear apprentice. I am called by many names and have lived for hundreds of years but I call myself Aurelius Merlinus or Merlin. Long ago I served my liege Arthur and devoted myself to protecting Camelot and the Isle of Avalon. I also helped to build this underground fortress. Time is irrelevant here and centuries pass in a matter of decades. Only on Winter Solstice do I venture to the surface world and participate in the Giant’s Dance.”

Merlin continued to explain the function of the dance and the pillars above. Apparently he controlled the events from deep below the surface and had been alone for a long, long time. The lonely man felt pleased to have company and had no intention of letting Meredith return to the surface.

In detail he told a tale remarkably similar to Geoffrey of Monmouth’s story. The techniques used to transport the enormous blocks were taught by the architect of the Great Pyramids Imhotep. Aurelius once served as a priest in the Temple of Ra and was given knowledge of astronomy and architecture. A technique called harmonic resonance was used to lighten the stone and make it easier to move. The giants were tall African warriors who were skilled at cutting and removing large blocks of stone for the many Egyptian structures. A fleet of ships brought the igneous blue dolerite pillars to a mountain in Ireland.

He continued “The people had never seen such tall warriors and they were called giants because many of the Africans were well over eight feet tall. Arthur’s father Uther Pendragon sent 15,000 armored knights to escort the fleet from Ireland to England and install the blue pillars at the crumbling burial monument. The plan was to disguise the existence of the underground domain by building a tribute and cemetery for the many fallen soldiers. I helped supervise the project and made sure the alignment of the structures would be compatible with the astrological devices. More than 3,000 men were killed during the campaign including Uther. At certain times of the year the stars and the Earth’s axis controlled the Celestial Calendar. The bodies of the fallen soldiers were placed in burial chambers and their souls were absorbed into the stones and during the Winter Solstice. The spirits of the dead were released and allowed to join the Cosmos however some of the spirits still remained trapped in the Sarsen Stones.”

Although a little leery and suspicious, Meredith was mesmerized by the Merlin and intently listened while he explained the origin of Stonehenge. It was apparent that he enjoyed having someone to talk to. Respectfully she listened while Merlin told a story of Arthur and the fall of Camelot involving one of the Fairy Folk, Morgan LeFay, a priestess from Avalon.

The standard stories were vaguely similar to the real story and had originated from a culture with no written records and the various stories had been retold in many ways. Meredith was certain she was having another vivid dream enhanced by the wine as Merlin continued.

“Vicious Saxons and Vikings continued to raid the Kingdom of Camelot. The castle was built to withstand invasion but they were too many in number. Stonehenge was dismantled by heavy war hammers and catapults hurling metal objects against the crumbling stone. My friends and family entered through the heel stone doorway and took sanctuary in my private domain. One by one they left the safety of the underground shelters to return to the surface but none of them returned. I offered immortality but they chose to live a non-enchanted life.”

With a melancholy expression on his face he continued “I served Arthur for many decades as a devoted companion. The noble king was killed and his body was placed next to his father. Other nobles were laid to rest around them at Stonehenge. The last one to leave was you Morgan. You swore that you would return someday. Do you not remember the spell cast upon you? You desired to become a bird and have the freedom to fly. The spell was only temporary and I have waited for so long for my dear apprentice to come back.”

Nervously she said “My name is Meredith not Morgan. I think you are taking this Druid reenactment way too far. I’m going to go now.”

Lunging forward and grabbing her arm he said “No, you cannot leave. You must stay here with me now that you have returned.”

Meredith felt uneasy and began to think that the man was deranged. She smiled kindly and politely said. “Nice to meet you Merlin but I don’t belong here. I’m a tourist and I have to go home.”

Merlin said “It is clear I will have to convince you that I am speaking the truth but unfortunately since you have discovered my secret you must remain here for eternity.”

While Meredith watched she was amazed when Merlin demonstrated the astrological device. The top of the shrine opened, the stars appeared overhead and various lights and tones activated an intricate mechanism. The time piece recorded centuries instead of days, hours and minutes. To prove the validity of the story Merlin prepared to perform a ritual of transformation. Sage burned in clay pots and filled the air with a sickly sweet odor. With a book of spells Merlin recited an incantation in a strange language.

 Meredith was speechless and watched in amazement as Merlin transformed into a large white bird. Just then the ancestral memories flooded into her mind and she vividly remembered being Morgan LeFay and recalled the last night she was with her mentor and friend.

When a Saxon army invaded Stonehenge, many people were brutally slaughtered and the priestesses attending the ceremony fled for their lives. Some went to the Isle of Avalon and some sought sanctuary in the underground chambers. The memories became clear and she instinctually knew that in those earlier days her powers were very strong and with Merlin’s help she had been transformed into a seagull.

 Incidents returned in memories and she remembered when she flew across the ocean to America. Eventually she settled on the banks of the Columbia River and resumed human form. When the Stonehenge replica was built, she became Meredith Stone the Psychic and lived near a place that reminded her of home. She knew at that moment her destiny was fulfilled and when Merlin asked her to stay and keep him company she gladly agreed.

 Instinctually she raised her arms above her head and turned into a snow owl and they both flew out of the opening and ascended into the clear night sky. When they returned to Earth they reverted to human form. As time went by, the bond between them grew stronger and every Winter Solstice they attended the Giant’s Dance and celebrated the season in honor of their eternal friendship.

When Meredith failed to return to the tour bus, an investigation began. People were interviewed and the conclusion was that she must have met with foul play. In Washington, Meredith Stone’s disappearance remained a mystery when she vanished without a trace. Her cottage in Maryhill remained vacant and when no one wanted to buy the property it became a nesting place and sanctuary for birds. For a few moments at Winter Solstice sunset, shadows of figures performing the Dance of Giants could be seen from the cottage.



At the podium Meredith finished her story and asked to be allowed into Heaven and Gatekeeper was happy to oblige. Before crossing the threshold she took the form of a bird once again and joined Aurelius in the clouds.

 from book 8 Infinite Vision

El Camino Real



El Camino Real

The King’s Highway


In 1770, the flag of Spain was raised on the shore of San Diego Bay. An altar with a tall wooden cross was built and two bells were hung from a large oak tree where Christian families from Spain gathered together to worship in their new church. Father or Padre Junipero Serra held services for the people and was the first time they had attended a Catholic service since leaving Spain.

After the first service Father Serra rode his horse to the harbor dock to greet the incoming ships San Carlos and San Antonio. Spanish Galleons carried goods, weapons, people, horses and livestock to the rapidly growing colony. Father Serra was anxiously waiting for a special package from the king’s emissary Francisco Rodriguez.

When Francisco delivered the package in person with a letter from King Charles III the priest was pleased to see his childhood friend. After a brief conversation they traveled to the recently built mission in San Diego, the first of many missions planned to be built along the entire length of California.

Originally California was believed to be a large island named after a fictional island in a popular fantasy story of the time that spoke of a land of riches and abundant opportunities. Father Serra envisioned a “King’s Highway” that would connect the missions and unite the people in Christianity. As directed by the Church he taught the natives about the Bible and converting them whenever possible. Mission de San Diego housed a number of homeless families and Father Serra provided shelter and food for them.

When Father Serra and Francisco arrived at the mission all of the people were dead and it appeared that they had all been poisoned. In deep sorrow for the loss of life the bodies were buried in the church cemetery and the mission indefinitely abandoned. Father Serra continued to build his King’s Highway with the building of the Missions of San Carlos, Soledad, San Antonio, San Gabriel and San Luis Obispo.

Later in the year the Mission de San Diego was remodeled when it was discovered that the people died from poisonous fungus growing on the damp plaster walls. Workers were instructed to keep the walls as clean and dry as possible. Multiple layers of plaster covered the old walls and the ceiling fortified with adobe bricks. When the work was finished the workers contacted Father Serra at his home in San Carlos Borromeo Mission in Monterey.

 On the way from Monterey he had a profound vision on the top of a steep mountain pass. When he gazed upon the pristine valleys of fertile land below he envisioned a vast civilization with large cities and bountiful orchards and fields. As he pictured the future of California three clouds appeared in the shapes of angels with their wings spread. They floated to the ground and when they spoke to Junipero they encouraged him to continue building El Camino Real and also instructed him to install bell towers in all of the missions in California in order to call the people back to worship.

Confused he asked “How will I fund these bell towers? Most of the people are desperately poor.”

In unison the angels said “Junipero, you will find a way. It is the will of God that you will unite the people with the words of the Holy Bible and teach them how to be spiritually productive and then they will become prosperous.”

During the journey to San Diego he told everyone about his visit from Los Angeles.  Wearing his brown robe, thin leather sandals and a hat he traveled hundreds of miles to fulfill the vision.

 In 1784, Father Serra died after nine missions were completed, more than six-thousand natives were baptized and five-thousand confirmed. Four presidios or fortresses guarded the settlers along the King’s Highway, fulfilling Junipero’s vision. The whereabouts of the package and letter from King Charles was unknown but the emissary Francisco was given instructions to conceal the items in one of the missions. He told no one about the king’s gift and took the secret to his grave.

Father Serra stopped for a few moments and said “Gatekeeper the rest of the story is from one of my prophetic visions. A startling vision was given to me just before my death and it was written down in a journal sealed with wax and the secret has never been revealed until now. This part is a prediction that came true and helped to reveal one of God’s plans.”  

In 2020 a massive Earthquake separated California from the continent and it formed a separate island. Borders between California and Mexico were eliminated and millions of people occupied most of the land once used for agriculture. The King’s Highway, El Camino Real was the main route of an inner-state high-speed transit train that went from Cabo San Lucas to San Francisco and Sacramento. The northern part of California became part of the main continent and Sacramento became a port city surrounded by water on all sides. A collapsed economy and unstable government left many homeless families and hungry people to fend for themselves. Farmable land, jobs, money and food were scarce and no government-funded aid was available.

Those who had jobs were fortunate and although people helped one another the situation was overwhelming. Many people had lost hope and abandoned their faith and the churches were attended by only a few true believers. The enormous population was outgrowing the island at a rapid rate causing more poverty and competition for food and space. A miracle was needed to save California and the missions from eminent catastrophe.

 Missions were closed to the public and maintained by the Catholic Church and funded by private donations. Services were held in reinforced sanctuaries used as shelters only when absolutely necessary. In spite of donations there was no money for repairs in the church coffers and many of the adobe buildings became unsafe.

 The original walls of the San Diego Mission had to be replaced when the plaster covering the many layers of stucco and paint cracked and the wooden beams deteriorated. It was hazardous to be inside the sanctuary and the strongest structure was the bell tower. The original iron bell rang every Sunday and called the people to worship but only a few attended services.

The Padre of the Mission in San Diego, Father Francisco Junipero Serra de Rodriquez called Father Francis was a devout Catholic and was determined to restore the mission and bring faith back to the Californians. He prayed for miracles daily and believed there would be a way to feed, house and care for everyone with help from the saints and angels.

Crowds of homeless people were desperate to find shelter when California was hit with a terrible storm. Tidal waves thrashed the island for several weeks and out of necessity Father Francis opened the Mission San Diego to families with small children.

After weeks of torrential rain the walls started to soften, the paint dissolved, the stucco fell off the frescoes in the sanctuary and people were forced to evacuate. As the water rose to a dangerous level Father Francis sought refuge in the bell tower and prayed for God’s mercy.

Three weeks passed and the rain finally stopped. When Father Francis went to the top of the bell tower to call the people to worship no one attended but he waited patiently to hold an outdoor service. Three clouds appeared in the blue sky and three luminous winged angels emerged and spread their wings over the mission. When the sun appeared through the clouds a beam of brilliant light hit the tower at the base of the original structure.

Helplessly Francis watched as the saturated wall crumbled away from the base structure. Something shiny caught the priest’s attention and in the debris he found a faded journal with the wax seal with the shiny gold hallmark of King Charles III of Spain. He was stunned when he opened the journal and found an illustrated map of Eldorado-Mythical City of Gold and Isla de California drawn in 1769.

Anxiously Francis translated the text and noticed that places where missions were built coincided with the illustrations from the map that was based on a fantasy story told to children. The faded pages explained that King Charles had a vision from three angels and was instructed to build shelters for homeless and feed the poor. With help from his chancellors Charles created plans for the territories of Alta (upper) and Baja (lower) California. The wealthy king requested that Father Junipero Serra fulfill the request from “Los Angeles” by supervising the building of missions.

It began to rain again and lightning blasted the ground where the journal was found. As Francis covered his head he looked on the saturated ground and moved the mud to one side with his foot. Suddenly the sun emerged and the rain ceased. Covered in mud was a solid gold cross, inlayed with brilliant jewels and diamonds and he recognized it as a sacred relic from the Holy Crusades. History mentioned the priceless object as a gift from King Charles to the Church. The iconic treasure was meant to be sold and the money was supposed to begin a new Spanish Empire with hope for a prosperous future.

When the cross was appraised it was worth billions of dollars and Father Francis received a generous reward for recovering the artifact. With the reward money three more missions and homeless shelters were built and the other deteriorating chapels remodeled.

The miracle at the San Diego Mission brought about a renewal of faith and when the mission bells sounded all along the King’s Highway thousands attended services. In honor of Father Junipero Serra, California was renamed Isla de Los Angeles- Island of Angels. Father Francisco Rodriguez became known as Francis of Angels, Patron Saint of the Homeless.